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Why Translate Stocks?

Unleash full potential of trading with our cutting-edge platform. Imagine having access to real-time A.I. analysis, backtesting, programming language support and trading bots all in one place!

With Translate Stocks, you can take control of your financial success and stay ahead of the game with our exclusive web source of stock market information, daily stock analysis for 500+ companies, trading signals, news, screeners and company fundamentals.

And with our web remote control feature, you can trade anytime, anywhere, check your PNLs and generate financial reports on your browser, tablet or phone. Upgrade your trading experience and start seeing results with Translate Stocks.

How to use our Software on your Windows?

Installing the TranslateStocks.Studio Platform on your Windows device is a simple and secure process.

  1. To begin, click on the download link provided and run the installer.

  2. Once the installation is complete, it is recommended to add the TranslateStocks.Studio as a trusted software within your anti-virus system for added security.

  3. To fully familiarize yourself with the software and its capabilities, be sure to explore the Help & Documentation page and watch the training videos.

  4. Additionally, for a more seamless experience, consider subscribing to the TranslateStocks.Cloud Server, which eliminates the need for a separate computer.


TranslateStocks.Studio Team