Getting Started

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Thank you very much for using Translate Stocks as a trading platform or source of market information.

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Let's understand in 15 seconds what the Translate Stocks system is:

Translate Stocks is a mix of a very powerful desktop software platform with advanced charts, A.I. real-time analysis of any chart, backtesting, programming language, trading bots and sharing signals, PLUS a web source of stock market information (daily stock analysis for 500+ companies, trading signals, news, screeners and company fundamentals) AND a web remote control that creates an extension of the desktop platform to trade on the go, check your PNLs and generate financial reports on your browser, tablet or phone!

The Desktop Software Platform runs on MS Windows computers/servers and comprises 3 main APPs. 1) The TS Studio Chart, literally where the magic happens, is where you'll find your trading strategies and build your robots. 2) The Orders Assistant (OA) screen, an amazing order manager to bring sub-variations of your robots to life or to trade manually, and 3) The Order Router (RTS), the software that connects your computer/server with your Broker account or with a demo account and is responsible for receiving orders from charts, the OA screen or even MS Excel and sending them to your brokerage account.

  • Version Studio: 1.1.421
  • Version OA: 1.2.821
  • Version Router: 5.5.141
  • Author: TS Support
  • Created: 8 February, 2021
  • Update: 10 January, 2023

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, Please feel free to email via Support.

Desktop Software Or Web Dashboard

Translate Stocks is neither a software nor a web app, it's both!

Take a look on your life, you use your phone for most things, but you still have computers and laptops. And that's because browsers are still limited when applications get specialized. It's true that someday, in the future, Complex Desktop Softwares and Web Apps will merge, but until there our life will occur with a mix of both, so does Translate Stocks.

That's why with only one subscription you can have access to our entire system, the web dashboard, the and the desktop trading platform, the TS Studio. And for those willing to have a more on the go experience, we have the Cloud Servers that can host the TS Studio and give us that 100% Freedom Experience right here and now!

You can see Cloud Servers as "online computers" here. We are not using them to setup websites or databases, they will have the noble function to substitute the good and old PC with a new PC experience when you use and interact with the exact amount of processing power and memory that you (or your applications) need.

Since both the desktop platform TS Studio and the web dashboard are only one product, it's easy for us to offer you a remote control experience, where you have control of your desktop platform from the web dashboard, so you can let the TS Studio platform running somewhere (computer, cloud server, laptop or other MS Windows device) and still have control over some of its key functionalities, such as stop orders, trading tools and activation/deactivation of robots using just your phone.

Below you can meet all the functionalities that we have and where they are, and further in this docs you'll find more information and videos to understand how everything works. So let's start:

  • TS Studio, The Desktop Trading Platform, main features:
    • A.I. real-time analysis - With "The Interpreter" A.I. robot, the chart can analysis itself in real-time, even for the fast 1 minute intraday charts, and you can have supports, resistances and figures like triangles, head and shoulders and fibonacci always there to help your trading.
    • Customized Studies, an indicators edit tool - You don't need to code to create indicators with this tool, just grab objects like moving averages and reference prices into the wizard tool OR edit an already existing indicator (200+ templates in the system). But if you are an expert, you can code in our unique TS-Script language and create beautiful strategies with simple structures created only to work with charts. And if you are and expert pro super duper master os programming you can integrate the charts with C# or other languages and go to the next level.
    • Robots - If you can create indicators, of course you can create Trading Rules and create logical buy and sell signals, that you can use to populate the chart with buy and sell arrows, or TO SEND AUTOMATIC ORDERS and convert your chart into a Robot. Since you can open up how many charts your computer allows you to, you can have lots of trading bots running over your customized studies and strategies. It's also simple to filter some patterns like days of week, hours of the day or specific minutes, which brings us to the next feature, the backtest.
    • Backtest - Power is nothing without control. If you can customized studies, filter patterns and launch automatic trading bots, you do need to test your codes on the historic prices and see what happened. But exporting data to excel, R or other statiscal tools is annoying and almost always it's so complex that you are about to make mistakes and testing parameters that you will not implement into the robots. To fix that we have the Backtest Lab, a built-in tool inside the chart that grab all the information automatically and allows you to test every kind of filter and then apply it to your strategy with just 1 click. This is huge and it will be a game changer on your trading performance. It's so powerful that several of our clients launch their own trading signals business built over our tools and systems.
    • Trading Signals Sharing an Streaming System - We this feature you can share your buy and sell signals with other investors without sharing your source codes or strategies. The charts will run on your computer/server under your control and only you will have access to the configs, like it happens when you launch a trading bot. But, instead of launching a bot, you start the streamer and your charts will send to our servers every buy and sell signal for that strategy. And you can control who can receive that signal on the other side. The historical data generated is transformed into a report and you can use it to determine new stops and filters, creating new layouts to already existing bots and we can put our A.I. to trade based on your track record. It's limitless!
  •, The Web Dashboard, main features:
    • A.I. end of day analysis - With "The Interpreter" A.I. robot, we create and distribute for free 500+ analysis of daily charts everyday, with supports, resistances and a written interpretation of the chart. Check out an eample here with APPLE Stock. See the video.
    • Today's Buy Signals - Based on the closing price of the previous day, this feature shows you the best probable signals opened using the Backtest Lab algos. The more signals buying and the more the price had dropped on the previous day, the better is a buy under this logic. If you like a signal you can just follow it See the video.
    • Trading Screen - Sometimes you cannot be in front of your computer, but with the trading screen you can trade on the go with the same layout that you're already used to. See the video.
    • Candlestick Screener - Fast Buy and Sell signals based on the end-of-day prices for 500+ stocks daily. But it works for any stock, you just need to open the Stock Analysis page for the stock you want and Voi'là, candlesticks signals calculated. See the video.
    • Backtest Lab - This Backtest Lab feature is a small prove of concept of what can be done with the TS Studio Backtest Lab Tool. Oh yeah, we use our own platform to create our trading signals. The Backtest Lab of the web dashboard screens 500+ stocks at the closing price for 90 different algorithms and gives us the buys and sells that you can use to actually trade the market. It's a no brainer tool, the signals are already there, you just seek and trade. See the video.
    • Market Research - That's the place you go to find stocks, the first tab will show you feaured stocks by retail investor interest and the interpreter interest, and then you have tabs for each one of the 3 major indices, DJI, Nasdaq and S&P500. See the video.
    • Portfolio Tool - You can check a good weight for your portfolio up to 7 stocks based on The Modern Portfolio Theory of Markowitz. See the video.

TS Studio Installation

Follow the steps below to setup the TS Studio platform on your computer/server running MS Windows:

  1. Download the software setup from
  2. Run the executable file downloaded in order to install the platform on your computer. Some important information:
    • MS Windows App - This software runs on MS Windows, in all of its version, including the Server versions
      • If you use other OS, you can use virtual system on your computer to run a version of MS Windows as an App, but we do recommend that you use a Cloud Server instead. Cloud Servers can be accessed from computer, phones or tablets at any time and don't depends on your infrastructure to run. Learn more here.
    • Watch out for the antivirus! - Your trading platform will access the web, obviously, and some antivirus will try to block it. Be aware that you may have to create an exception within your antivirus for the platform to work correctly.
  3. After the installation, an icon called "Translate Stocks Studio" will appear in your desktop. Run it and use your website credentials to login inside the platform.
  4. Some features will run inside the web version of the system, thus it's recommended that you keep your default browser opened and logged into your account with Translate Stocks alongside with the platform. It'll bring you a better experience.
  5. The web dashboard also shows you information about robots, orders and PNLs from your desktop platform. If you need to go somewhere and you don't use a cloud server, you should know that you still can remote control some features of your platform from you phone or tablet on the go!


The TS Studio was developed to be a Robot and a Robot factory. You can program custom indicators using the TS-Script language, run calibration and backtests to optimize the performance of your setups and, at the end, launch trading bots running your best fit setups. If you are a PRO, you can even share the real-time trading signals with other servers and create your own business of renting signals or developing source codes for the community.

When we talk about robots you are talking about 2 options.

  • Fully automated Robot - on this option your platform will find the buy and sell signals based on your programmed setups and route the orders to your brokers automatically. You should know that a supervision is welcome at the beginning, only to ensure that your bots are doing exactly what you should have configured for them.
  • Semi-automated Robot - here the robot will send you and email message requiring your approval for each order sent. You don't need to be in front of the computer to approve those orders, you can do it from your email app anywhere or inside the Web Dashboard likewise, anywhere. Once the order is approved the platform sends it automatically to your brokerage account linked to the system.

You can have more information, visiting this help here.


If the R was the C# language, then the TS Studio should be Python language.

TS Studio is an easy, fast and powerful way to find statistical patterns using technical analysis indicators on 10 years historical data for stocks. No other softwares needed, no extra market data or imports needed. Other markets are available separately.

With the Backtest Lab tool you can calibrate the parameters of indicators, the time frame of the charts and can find statistical patterns, such as days of week, hours of the day, profit or losses sequences relevant for a future event and much more. No coding needed. You should try, your trading performance will probably increase drammatically after this tool.

A.I. Analysis

We named our A.I. assistant "The Interpreter", and it works both on web and desktop versions of the system. Basically every analysis (written or drawn), support, resistance and trade signal that you can find inside our web dashboard is created by our A.I. friend The Interpreter. But you can also turn it on inside your real-time charts on the platform and trade fast charts, like 1 minute intraday, with automatically drawn lines and figures powered by The Interpreter algorithms.

But he goes further than that. He actually trade and pickup the best algorithms for the day when the subject is daytrading. You can literally relax and watch he working for you, you can even interact with his choices and take control of the trades you want. That's really amazing.

Take a look what it's like to trade with AI real-time technical analysis:

A Fast Intro to Chart Trade, AI Analysis, News and Order Management.

The Orders Router, Integration With Brokers

Works for real accounts and SandBox accounts.


Configs for Excel

In this menu you can find the router key to create an integration and the platform and your MS Excel, so you can send orders from directly from your spreadsheets.

Orders Options

Depending on how many orders you send per day, it can be usefull to hide cancelled and rejected orders only to maintain your screen more clean and organized. If this is the case you can easily hide them on the menus "Show Cancelled Orders" and "Show Rejected Orders".

The Orders Assistant (OA) Screen

The Orders Assistant, or OA Screen as we call it, is where you will see PNLs, send orders, setup robots and interact with Market News. It can be attached to the Chart 1 to provide mote technical info alongside with your trading.

OA Screen

Order Ticket

The order ticket shows a lot of information in only one place for you to have everything you need just a 1 click away.

  • Company Info - such as Name, Logo, Real-time quotes, volume and bid/ask/spread info.
  • Types of orders - the ticket adjusts itself to trade on pre, post or inside market hours with the adequate order type. You can also easily decide among Buy, BuyToCover, Sell or SellShort options right there.
  • SRC? - SRC is for Supports, Resistances and Candlestick signals. You can see all of these options for the stock if the company is part of NASDAq100, DJI30 or S&P500 indices.
  • Orders Table, Orders Logs and News - if you are trading a specific stop you can filter to see only its orders and news, and of course its logs that will show you exactly what and when some chage happened to your orders on that stock.

OA Ticket

Market News

You can follow the general news and also specific news for a stock, as well as see a ranking of the most commented stocks in the daily news, which can help you to know what is trending on that day.

OA News

Profits and Losses (PNL)

PNLs are the most important information on your screen, and because of this we provide summaries of PNLs by stock, robot, category and global account. You can also check your real-time PNLs inside the web dashboard, since the desktop platform is connected to a brokerage account and online.


TS Studio Charts

The Core of the entire system, TS Studio Charts are the engine of everything!

The Chart

The Chart is a powerful tool and scenario for all main features of the system. For instance, "The Interpreter", our A.I. robot uses the chart to draw its analysis. The customized studies are created inside the chart. The robot is related to the chart always, even if the signals are being executed by th OA Screen, the chart is generating the entries and exits. The Backtest Lab runs over the Chart. So, the Chart is everything, and it can receive the market data feed from several different sources. Let's explore how it works!

You can see intraday charts for US Stocks from 1 to 120 minutes, daily, weekly or monthly.

  • To change the ticker, click inside the chart, type the ticker code and ENTER. Or type the name of the company and double-click the correct option on the list that will be shown.
  • To change timeframe, click again anywhere inside the chart and just type the number of minutes and ENTER, or use D, W or M and ENTER to Day, Week and Month timeframes.
  • Right-click and double left click on the mouse inside a chart will open menus with several options to customize the chart.
  • Each chart window is a workspace, so you can have, for example, one chart running AAPL in 1 minute intraday with a Trading Bot and a second chart running MSFT backtests on several timeframes. There is no limit to the number of charts you can open, your computer processing power is the limit.
  • Pass the mouse over the title bar of the chart to see the main menus and settings.
Inside the charts you can:

  • Draw objects, like lines, fibonaccis, texts, channels, trendlines or turn on "The Interpreter", clicking on the A.I. button (first button on top) of the left bar, to see supports, resistances, trendlines, triangles and head and shoulders figures.
  • Insert public known technical indicators such as MACD, RSI, Moving Averages, or Customized Studies that you can create inside our programming tools (F8 key).
  • Create alarms to the price or to the signals that will trigger sounds or execute files and other apps.
  • You can read external files to integrate your personal indicators to other systems (if you already have signals being generated in a C# code or Excel spreadsheet, for example).
  • And you can calibrate an indicator parameter to see the best match for a ticker x timeframe.
For The Interpreter have a ebook that you can download here, and we built our web dashboard over it with E-O-D quotes, but in the platform you can see it running inside a 1 minute chart or any other time frame, there is an example on this video.

The Interpreter adjusts the analysis to the number of bars of the chart, so if you change the zoom of a chart to show more or less bars, The Interpreter will change the analysis on the screen in real-time.

The Interpreter Software

Custom Studies

Strategies Module


Backtest Lab Software

Backtest Lab

The Backtest Lab is where you can test your setup in the past to see its statistical patterns, such as day-of-week results, hours of the day results, take profit testing, stop loss testing, entry price adjustments that will reduce slippage and increase the results etc.

Below the Backtest Lab Screen. It's like an X-RAY of your Entries where you can see what biases are hurting your results (and remove them all before putting the strategy to work). Each colored box is a different metric to analyse. When you "check" a parameter, such as "Monday", the screen will remove that pattern of your data and show the new result without it. Right-clicking on tables opens more options.

Backtest Lab

Chart Robot

The robot can be turned on in the Strategies screen as shown below:

Trading Bot

Trading Bot

Important - The system understands the side of the robot and sends orders using the Short Order Types of "Sell Short" and "Buy To Cover". But you can disable this feature on the setting menu of the top taskbar. This is important only for real-accounts.

Market Data

Market Data is the quote that feeds the chart. Basicaly, the chart receives 2 kinds of market data.

  • Real-time or delayed prices - Last price, open, high, low, volume, bid and ask are examples of the quotes the system receives every second for all the securities we can trade. This information is showed in real-time or delayed always replacing the same previous data available.
  • Historical prices - If instead of replace the quote's information every time it refreshes you accumulate them, you will have a growing data set, that we usually display as a chart. This huge amount of data can be grouped by time, by price or by volume, but the traditional way to do it is using time frames. So even if you have 1 million refreshes inside 1 minute of quotes, we can summarize that in only 4 prices, open, high, low and close prices of that minute. And we display this data under again several different ways, but candlesticks are by far the most commom graphical representation of those prices. Thus we have a chart, that usually receives real-time updates and new candlestick bars are formed at each minute non-stop depending on the markets you're trading.

We trade differente markets everyday. US Stocks are being traded in several different exchanges, and they are the most commom market data that you'll find. Translate Stocks is an authorized company that can feed you with US Stocks quotes in real-time and can provide also up top 10 years of historical prices for your backtests. But there are other markets very popular, such as Futures (mini and micro S&P 500 E-Minis, for example), crypto like Bitcoin (traded in several different exchanges in a system that never stops), forex (currencies) and other countries markets. There's always something to trade 24h a day, and for you to see that information beside the US Stocks you'll need a Vendor.

A Vendor is a company that sells real-time or delayed market data for you from the markets that you choose. You can have access to CME Futures and US Stocks and your friend can have Crypto and Forex, each one of you will pay different amounts fo every market that you wanna see quotes or explore historical prices, the exception here is to US Stocks, that is provided for you for free inside any Translate Stocks subscription.

Another company that provides market data for you is your Broker! TS Studio can receive the market data provided from your broker and shows it to you directly inside the platform. You can trade and create robots with this data, but of course you cannot retransmit it to other people.

Translate Stocks is prepared to receive Market Data fom differente Vendors and Brokers, besides being a vendor for US Stocks itself. Usually Brokers don't charge you for most commom market data, but Vendors do, that 's their business and they charge you because they will supply you with or different markets that your broker don't have access or the same markets that you already have, but with low latency and/or more time of historical data. Whatever you decide to do, almost everything can be done inside Translate Stocks using third party brokers and vendors.

Web Dashboard

We have lot's of powerful features ready to use updated daily by our A.I. robot.

The Interpreter Web

Trading Screen

Candlestick Screener

Backtest Lab Dashboard

Market Research

How Algorithms Work

Today's Buy Signals

Portfolio Tool